Friday, June 28, 2013

Day 6: Mistakes

Don't read this and think "Oh I'm perfect, I don't make mistakes." Because everyone does. I make mistakes, you make mistakes, adults make mistakes, everyone makes mistakes. Think of life without mistakes. You would be left there wondering "What would my life be like if I did this or that..?" You would live a life of endless doubts of what you could have made of yourself.

Yes some mistakes you make can hurt you. But it's better to make the mistake then to imagine what your life could have been if you chose path B instead of path A. The mistakes you make, is what build your life. It's what makes you the amazing person you are.

Just felt like I should be a little helpful to some people out there who doubt everything they do. I wanna say that make mistakes. They can both help or hurt you. But how could you know if you don't make the mistake?