Monday, June 17, 2013

Blog 2: Home Alone (Not like the movie)

Fuck. Mah. LIFE!!! I'm going to be so loneleh and bored for three fucking weeks! Not fucking fair man!!!! UGH. And Final Fantasy 13 is making me frustrated and Lollipop Chainsaw gets annoying. Modern Warfare 3 is eh okay, and Black Ops 1 and 2 is being mean to me. All I have is the happiness of YouTube videos, Social Networks, and the secludedness of my bedroom wear I write and sleep. Woo. So much stuff xD

Well... It gets boring ya know? I mean for a week I can deal with, two weeks I get kinda bored. When it hits three weeks... Well let's just say I stay in the fetal position. Leedle Leedle Lee~~ Meow~

My hair is so fluffeh! I took the longest shower I've ever taken in 2 years. It was an hour and 30 minutes. Usually they're about 30 minutes long. Lol {>^~^}>

UGH I feel like I'm boring you guys!

I see that I'm getting pageviews :3 You guys who are viewing my blog, please don't hesitate to comment on my blog~! I encourage it! Tell me what you want me to blog about! Tell me anything xD