Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Blog 1: Summer Time!

So today is my first day of blogging 0(^.^)0 

I'm going to be talking about... Welp, who fucking cares Cx 

So today is Wednesday (hump-day). I've been out of school since Friday (^o^)b I've been trying to pull all-nighters all fucking week and it just won't work! My mom says nothing interesting happens past 2 am, so you know what... Tonight I am going to show her that something awesome will happen!  (probably not, but hey I tried) 

Today I watched a movie called Hot Rod. It's got Andy Samberg from The Lonely Island as the main character Rod Kimble. It's a good movie, even though I'm blogging while the movie is still going on =^.^= I'm such a bad-ass. Just kidding! 

I just re-updated my blog so it looks more cool xD I hope you all like it. So is there anything in particular that you want me to blog about? 

Well *awkward face*, glad we could chat shortly today :) Have a wonderful day!! And I'll surely blog tomorrow!