Friday, June 28, 2013

Day 6: Mistakes

Don't read this and think "Oh I'm perfect, I don't make mistakes." Because everyone does. I make mistakes, you make mistakes, adults make mistakes, everyone makes mistakes. Think of life without mistakes. You would be left there wondering "What would my life be like if I did this or that..?" You would live a life of endless doubts of what you could have made of yourself.

Yes some mistakes you make can hurt you. But it's better to make the mistake then to imagine what your life could have been if you chose path B instead of path A. The mistakes you make, is what build your life. It's what makes you the amazing person you are.

Just felt like I should be a little helpful to some people out there who doubt everything they do. I wanna say that make mistakes. They can both help or hurt you. But how could you know if you don't make the mistake?


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Day 5: Undead Douche bags

Well if you're not a fan of Lollipop Chainsaw, then you have no clue what I mean by this post.

During Lollipop Chainsaw, Juliet has a lot of phrases... Like "What the dick?!" and "If it bleeds I can kill it!" and "Undead Douche bags!!!"

So all day yesterday as my mom and dad watched Warm Bodies (I fucking love that movie just saying), every time there was a 'bony' I called them undead douchebags.... Awkward-ness...

On another note, I have met possibly the best person alive xD besides myself... His name is JACE. He is sooooo mean though! Glob I love him so much xD He's so cute and adorable and nice and sweet cx

Woah going to far there.. hehe... WELL. Still home alone... Except Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays yayyy Hopefully I get my laptop sooooon!!!!!!!!! So then I can show off my ugliness to YouTube and all of that good shiz.


This post has been pointless.


Thursday, June 20, 2013

Day 4: Dental Rapists

Okay. So I went to the dentist today... Obviously. And I'm very concerned. There is a new guy, different from my comfortable dentist I used to have. This new guys name is Dr. Smiley. Like legit. His office is full of kids and teenagers starting at age 5 and ending at age 18. All smiling and shit.

So I sat in the chair thingy, and he came in. Big smile on his face. He said "Here put my finger in your mouth! My gloves taste like grapes!" And he shoved his finger in my mouth. The whole entire dentist appointment was a down-spiral. Besides all of the rape-y vibes I was getting from him, I got one of my teeth pulled out.. So my tooth area hurts.

I need somebody to remind me never to go to my dentist office wearing a v-neck.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Blog 3: Sickly Day

If you haven't already figured out by the title, today is a sick day XC. I'm not like... Throwing up sick, I'm just kinda not feeling good in the slightest.

It sucks really really bad because I was going to hangout with some friends today. But instead I get to curl up in bed and watch Danisnotonfire, AmazingPhil, Smosh, Will and RJ (Shep689), and Shane Dawson!!!! :3

YAYYYY. :D Also I have the snifflies so I just plain suck today. x_x I wanna just have an easy day, if possible xD I hope I don't have to get up much today. But I pulled myself out of bed to get some medicine biotchessss !!! So I'm doing my blog within the 4-hour health streak xD 

Well, I'm going to get off and get in bed to watch me some YouTube!



Monday, June 17, 2013

Blog 2: Home Alone (Not like the movie)

Fuck. Mah. LIFE!!! I'm going to be so loneleh and bored for three fucking weeks! Not fucking fair man!!!! UGH. And Final Fantasy 13 is making me frustrated and Lollipop Chainsaw gets annoying. Modern Warfare 3 is eh okay, and Black Ops 1 and 2 is being mean to me. All I have is the happiness of YouTube videos, Social Networks, and the secludedness of my bedroom wear I write and sleep. Woo. So much stuff xD

Well... It gets boring ya know? I mean for a week I can deal with, two weeks I get kinda bored. When it hits three weeks... Well let's just say I stay in the fetal position. Leedle Leedle Lee~~ Meow~

My hair is so fluffeh! I took the longest shower I've ever taken in 2 years. It was an hour and 30 minutes. Usually they're about 30 minutes long. Lol {>^~^}>

UGH I feel like I'm boring you guys!

I see that I'm getting pageviews :3 You guys who are viewing my blog, please don't hesitate to comment on my blog~! I encourage it! Tell me what you want me to blog about! Tell me anything xD


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Imitation by Edgar Allan Poe

Hey guys wanna see a cool video I made in English? I used the song "Voices" by Our Last Night to bring the poem Imitation by Edgar Allan Poe come to life. Yes, it sounds kind of depressing, but c'mon Edgar Allan Poe was a depressing man. 

Please watch this, I thought it was good, and I got best video in all six English classes... And yes, I know that the song kind of throws the poem off A LOT but eh, it was good!

Blog 1: Summer Time!

So today is my first day of blogging 0(^.^)0 

I'm going to be talking about... Welp, who fucking cares Cx 

So today is Wednesday (hump-day). I've been out of school since Friday (^o^)b I've been trying to pull all-nighters all fucking week and it just won't work! My mom says nothing interesting happens past 2 am, so you know what... Tonight I am going to show her that something awesome will happen!  (probably not, but hey I tried) 

Today I watched a movie called Hot Rod. It's got Andy Samberg from The Lonely Island as the main character Rod Kimble. It's a good movie, even though I'm blogging while the movie is still going on =^.^= I'm such a bad-ass. Just kidding! 

I just re-updated my blog so it looks more cool xD I hope you all like it. So is there anything in particular that you want me to blog about? 

Well *awkward face*, glad we could chat shortly today :) Have a wonderful day!! And I'll surely blog tomorrow!


32 Things I Love

Hai guys =^.^= I guess I should start getting friendly with you people and hope that someday you guys will like me as a blogger/vlogger. Eventually I will start vlogging, when I get my laptop so just deal wiff my awkward typing. {>^~^}> 

Here is a list of 32 things I absolutely love and couldn't live without! (Well, that was very exaggerated...o,o)
I don't have these things in order so don't think I like one thing more than the other. The only thing I love more than all of these things is Hello fucking Kitty. I love her <3

32 Things I Love

  2. Pandas
  3. Ninja
  4. Gir
  5. Invader Zim
  6. Purple
  7. Red
  8. Black
  9. Green
  10. Blue
  11. Pink
  12. Green Eyes
  13. Brown Eyes
  14. Blue Eyes
  15. Nerds
  16. Geeks
  17. Screamo 
  18. Metal
  19. Rock
  20. Punk
  21. Grunge
  22. Makeup
  23. Nails
  24. Hair
  25. Bows
  26. Ribbon
  27. Lace
  28. Leggings
  29. Jeans
  30. Shoes
  31. Clothes

Have a grood day!!!! See what I did dere? Grood? No? Of course... Lol d(^.^)b