Thursday, June 20, 2013

Day 4: Dental Rapists

Okay. So I went to the dentist today... Obviously. And I'm very concerned. There is a new guy, different from my comfortable dentist I used to have. This new guys name is Dr. Smiley. Like legit. His office is full of kids and teenagers starting at age 5 and ending at age 18. All smiling and shit.

So I sat in the chair thingy, and he came in. Big smile on his face. He said "Here put my finger in your mouth! My gloves taste like grapes!" And he shoved his finger in my mouth. The whole entire dentist appointment was a down-spiral. Besides all of the rape-y vibes I was getting from him, I got one of my teeth pulled out.. So my tooth area hurts.

I need somebody to remind me never to go to my dentist office wearing a v-neck.