Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Day 11: Ghost Walk

According to my brother, my household is going downtown to a ghost walk later tonight. I hope that old hobo guy does the tour again. I love that guy. He was so much fun, but he teased me because I wore skirts instead of shorts for long walks downtown. TODAY I AM PREPARED (Hoodwinked goat starts singing "Be prepared").

SO. I'm watching my brother play Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. He won't let me plaaaayyyy... He's mean.

Dude, I'm like... So cold. I'm freezing to deaaath!!!

My phone, since the last day of school, has basically been sentenced to death. It never goes off anymore. Except twitter, email, and Kik Messenger. That's about all I get anymore. Until late August. Woo. XP

My brothers guy died and he blamed me for not watching out for him. hahahhahah in your face bitch. He shoots me when I play. When I'm on his own team.

Well, COD is calling my name. Oh yeah. I stab, not shoot. It's against what I'm for. I only shoot when the guys are far away and I have a sniper ;D